Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Reactions to the "teddy bears go blogging"

So I just finished reading the "teddy bears go blogging" by Brenda Sherry and my reactions to the article and perception to this blogging site are very positive. The ability to create a virtual "pen-pal" is very smart idea. I remember when I was in elementary school and we wrote letters to a someone, let's say in Florida, I would have to wait nearly a week for me to hear a response. Using a teddy bear is also a smart idea, especially since its elementary aged children your are dealing with.
From a teaching standpoint this web-initiated program is very rewarding for all use it. Particularly for those students who need some editing in their works. A feature that I found to be very intriguing was the audioblogger. This feature is very awesome, as Sherry, stated, it's "...a great option for student who would prefer to record an oral message if writing or keyboarding is difficult"(2007). The ability for teachers to monitor, screen and edit comments left by students and all those who leave comments on a particular blog, is very important.
One of the best things that I feel blogging offers to a classroom is the excitement that it bring to a child's life. The ability to incorporate reading, writing, and an opportunity to "travel" without having to leave the safety of home for a tech savvy generation, is invaluable.

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  1. Yes - I agree with many of the highlights of this article you've mentioned here, particularly the ability to audioblog and the teacher's monitoring of the blog.