Monday, January 30, 2012


The standard that i have decided to pick is the Responsible Behaviors: under the Physical Education Standards of Learning for Virginia Public Schools 2.4.

The 2.4 standard states that "...students will exhibit, in physical activity settings, cooperative, respectful, and safe behaviors."

A good activity that i can think of that would fall within the standard and would be beneficial for all different types of learners would be the game  "capture the flag". In which individuals would come up various different strategics measures to complete the goal.


  1. I think your standard related to cooperative, respectful and safe behaviors will be fine for your ED 554 assignments.

    Start thinking of specific activities that can target each one of the learning styles - you will probably get some ideas from the UDL reading.

  2. Yea, its getting a bit difficult getting ways to explain it in picture form, but i think I'm getting it.

  3. Great, that will help your visual learners