Sunday, February 26, 2012

Photoshopped image

This image, incorporates the understanding within the Responsible Behaviors: under the Physical Education Standards of Learning for Virginia Public Schools 2.4. Which states that "...students will exhibit, in physical activity settings, cooperative, respectful, and safe behaviors." I feel that this image illustrates adequate behaviors that children should exhibit amongst one another when playing with others. With team work, listening to directions, telling the truth, helping others and good sportsmanship, we can all have fun on an off the field from the time we are young to adults.


  1. I think this will appeal to your visual learners, and would be great to print up as a poster in a place where the students could see it frequently as a reminder of those concepts.

  2. By the way, did you get a chance to revisit a blog? (See the Week 6 assignment)

  3. That is exactly who i was trying to reach and making a poster of it is an excellent idea. Especially to remind students of "good" behaviors and those who have short attention span and forget quickly.