Sunday, March 18, 2012

Personal Reflections

Post some personal reflections on your experience in this course thus far (i.e what have you found useful? challenging? hopes for the remainder of the semester? suggestions for the instructor?)

- The one thing that I have really found very useful is the lesson that we had on Photoshop. The ability to manipulate  photos and use them as additional educational tool to assist in the learning process, can be very useful. 
-  I haven't  found  anything too difficult in class, except the storyboard project. Its not that the project is very difficult, its just that its very time consuming
- My hopes for the remainder  of the semester, like everyone, to get straight A's. But realistically, I hope to complete all my work on time and efficiently. 
- The only suggestion i have would be for the instructor would be if she would take sometime to re-look at the website lesson. Other then that i have no other suggestion.