Sunday, March 18, 2012

Personal Reflections

Post some personal reflections on your experience in this course thus far (i.e what have you found useful? challenging? hopes for the remainder of the semester? suggestions for the instructor?)

- The one thing that I have really found very useful is the lesson that we had on Photoshop. The ability to manipulate  photos and use them as additional educational tool to assist in the learning process, can be very useful. 
-  I haven't  found  anything too difficult in class, except the storyboard project. Its not that the project is very difficult, its just that its very time consuming
- My hopes for the remainder  of the semester, like everyone, to get straight A's. But realistically, I hope to complete all my work on time and efficiently. 
- The only suggestion i have would be for the instructor would be if she would take sometime to re-look at the website lesson. Other then that i have no other suggestion. 

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  1. Thank you for sharing your personal reflections on the course. I've enjoyed reading your blog and viewing your website. I have a few notes for you:
    1 - Nice job on your digital story. I'm glad you figured out how to use iMovie. I like how you incorporated Photoshopped images. The story runs a little long (brevity is a difficult but effective technique in storytelling) but makes a good use of storytelling. Please remember from our copyright class that you may NOT use copyrighted material without permission from the artist (just because you purchased it and it is in your iTunes store, that does NOT make you the copyright holder to use as you wish). You avoid this copyright issue with taking your own photos (good job), but you can't use copyrighted music unless the artist has given permission. Good intro on your website.

    2 - Great work on your PowerPoint. A few slides did not seem to go back to the original question that I answered incorrectly, but otherwise provides a nice variety of self-directed activities. Your use of audio does a good job of incorporating UDL. Don't forget to include citation for your images (include the URL and artist, not just "Creative Commons"). Again, good intro on your website.

    3 - I was unable to locate the link to your wiki.

    4 - Still missing - a post from revisiting a blog (see the Week 6 assignment)

    I have enjoyed reading your blog, but I am not planning on revisiting it any more this semester. If you have any entries you would like me to view before our Week 13 class, please notify me by email. Any missing assignments (i.e. the Wiki) need to be completed before our final class meeting (Week 14) in order to receive any credit when calculating your final grade.